Frequently Asked Questions for Practice Management, Medical Billers and Medical Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Improvity Medical product suite offers ease-of-use, flexibility and 24/7 access to providers, medical billers and patients.

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Investing time and money into a practice management application is a tough decision, and we're sure you have questions about Improvity Medical. That's why we've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions by customers. We're confident Improvity Medical will be considered in your decision to choose a practice management system.

› Is Improvity Medical HIPAA compliant?

  • A: Yes. In fact, we've gone above and beyond the typical HIPAA standards by hosting your data in a secure facility with a minimum of three barriers to entry.
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› I have more than one medical office with multiple providers. Does your software handle my unique situation?
  • A: Yes. Improvity Medical allows you to configure multiple offices and providers. Each office and provider can also have their own hours and schedules in addition to unique fee schedules, reports, logins, etc. Users for each office can be granted access to Improvity Medical either for all offices, or just the office they work for.
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› Do I have to pay for software updates after my initial purchase of Improvity Medical?
  • A: No. All of the software updates we perform, whether it be ICD and CPT code updates, or improvements to the Improvity Medical software is completely FREE for the life of the software.
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› What kind of computer or server will I need to purchase to effectively run Improvity Medical?
  • A: Improvity Medical will run on almost any computer with internet connectivity and a modern web browser. And there is no need to purchase expensive servers or other high-end systems to run Improvity Medical. We host your software at secured locations, and provide routine, off-site backups of your data.
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› What types of specialties does your software support?
  • A: Improvity Medical supports a multitude of different specialties. Periodic updates to all ICD, HCPCS and CPT codes are also provided at no cost, so you can be confident that codes specific to your medical specialty will be available.
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› What claims clearinghouse do you partner with?
  • A: Improvity Medical's clearinghouse partner is Emdeon, formerly known as WebMD. Emdeon is a leading provider of business, technology and information solutions that transform both the financial and clinical aspects of healthcare delivery.
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› How long do I have to wait to start using Improvity Medical?
  • A: Your login information will be sent you within 24-48 hours after you've completed our intuitive software wizard. Enrollment with our clearinghouse will be necessary to send electronic claims, and typically takes 3-5 business days to complete for commercial payers. Some government-level payers, such as Medicare and Medicaid, may require a longer setup time.
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› Can I verify my patient's insurance eligibility with Improvity Medical?
  • A: Yes. Improvity Medical allows you to verify patient insurance for eligible insurance payers.
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› Does Improvity Medical support Electronic Remittance (ERA)?
  • A: Yes. Getting your bills paid quickly is one of our highest priorities, which is especially important for start-up or smaller practices. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with any questions and explain the benefits of using ERA.
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› Is there a claim or transaction fee associated with sending claims in Improvity Medical?
  • A: Some electronic payers do not participate in Emdeon's transaction fee reimbursement program, which may incur a nominal fee for transmitting electronic claims.
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