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The Improvity Connection product suite offers ease-of-use, flexibility and 24/7 access to providers, medical billers and patients.

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Source: Improvity Connection Date: 2/2009

Why Web-based Practice Management?

Advantages of using a web-based practice managment system

Key Benefits for Medical Practices

  • › Easy-to-use interfaces organize data on a single screen
  • › No IT personnel required
  • › Faster implementation and no need to upgrade software
  • › Store and view documents, including insurance cards
  • › Alerts keep staff up to date
  • › Intelligently helps eliminate duplicates

For years medical practices have been putting up with software that takes forever to install, crashes servers, is complicated to upgrade and requires expensive hardware. Then there's the challenge of synchronizing data between locations, not to mention all the day-to-day maintenance and support without a technician on-site. Those hidden costs add up in a hurry.

Recently, the Web-based software model has taken off precisely because it solves those problems. Leaders like and Oracle have successfully challenged the status quo and taken the ASP (application service provider) concept from the market fringes to the mainstream Fortune 500. So why are businesses now moving to Web-based ASP software in droves?

Dramatically Reduced Installation & Maintenance Costs
For starters, the license price of buying traditional software is just the tip of the iceberg. All the ongoing costs of hardware, IT management, support and more add up to far more than the initial cost. That's where ASPs start to make sense.

A Web-based practice management & billing system like Improvity Connection doesn't require a server in the office. In fact, you don't install anything. You just log in through Internet Explorer or Safari and a full-featured application comes up for your use. That also means you don't have to take care of the software or your data. We back it up continuously and we also install updates (often weekly) and major upgrades as we go along. All you have to do is wake up, log in, and you're using the latest version.

Improvity Connection's employs a superb IT staff and a world-class data center facility with redundant everything. Our customers get all the benefits, without having to pay for the hardware and staff themselves.

Access Anytime, Anywhere
Another reason our customers like Improvity Connection is that the Web-based model lets you easily access your updated information anywhere you have Internet access - home, another office, or on the road. It also means that multiple locations can work on the same real-time data all day, every day. There's never a need to merge, synchronize or duplicate. Reports are always current no matter where you are.

You'll save time, connection and data management costs and be more efficient.

Integrated Support
Nothing's worse than a support tech saying, "Well, we can't see what's wrong. Can you send us your data?" With Improvity Connection's Web-based system, our techs can log right in and see exactly what you're seeing. We can even troubleshoot your database if required. That means faster resolution and less pain if a problem arises.

Secure Data - through and through
HIPAA security rules call for stringently protecting data from unauthorized access. One of the biggest risks is physical access within the office.

Improvity Connection keeps your data behind ultra-tight security, a locked cage with biometric access, for starters. Your data is secured safely behind enterprise-class firewalls in our world-class data centers to prevent unauthorized electronic access. Additionally, when you access the system, data passes back and forth using the highest encryption available the same security used by leading financial institutions for online transactions.

Pay As You Go
Since the costs are lower, we can pass the savings along to you. When you purchase Improvity Connection software, you pay only for activation and training. Then pay a simple, predictable monthly fee that covers your software, upgrades, hosting and unlimited support. That saves you from making a $50,000 mistake on the wrong software and is more budget-friendly to your office.

What Are The Disadvantages?
No solution is perfect, but Web-based software makes much more sense. Improvity Connection has made sure our perceived disadvantages are non-issues, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits. Here are two of the major items providers consider:

Possession of data: If your data is not on site, can you be sure you have it? With Improvity Connection, we provide an archive download of all your primary data that you can run any time of day or night. So if you would like your own backup on top of our continuous backups, you're welcome to it.

System speed: Some less mature Web-based software behaves like a heavy Web page. But our engineers developed a superb Web architecture that feels like a Windows program, but runs on a minimized data exchange over the Web. That means you get the advantages of the Web with the quick, snappy feel of a local application.

With the potential for so much cost savings and the opportunity to use such an easy-to-use, well-developed application, it's no wonder offices everywhere are switching to Improvity Connection.

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