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Maintaining your medical practice or medical billing company's profitability doesn't mean you have to invest a fortune in the software that manages your business... Learn more...
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Whether you're a solo practice, small or group practice, or independent billing agency, Improvity Medical provides the tools you need to manage your practice and patient data... Learn more...
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Medical Billing Software

Among the many factors that make your medical practice or medical billing company successful, your medical billing software plays a major role. Why not build on that success by using hassle-free medical billing software by Improvity Medical, a web-based practice and patient management application? We have solutions for small and group medical practices, enterprise-level practices, and medical billing companies. By using Improvity Medical's web-based medical billing software, you can set your expensive equipment worries aside. Improvity Medical provides hourly backups of your data, free and automatic software updates with no equipment to purchase.

Medical Claim Management

There's no doubt that managing medical claims can be quite a challenge. Increase first-time claim validation rates with our integrated claim scrubbing feature. Code scrubbing reduces denials and re-work by enabling seamless integration of your healthcare information system with validation and claim scrubbing capabilities. It generates alerts for each charge transaction, highlighting transactions that are contrary to current Medicare coverage rules.